9th Grade Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is Metro Fort Omaha campus a definite option for 9th grade OVS student’s? (As opposed to North High School)

Metro Fort Omaha Campus IS the location of our school. North High school is ONLY for students who choose to take elective classes there.

2. What will the schedule look like for the 9th grade students? 

We will follow an A day/B day schedule. Our school will meet on B days. The student reporting time is: 8:30-3:40, but this depends on how many and which courses they take with OVS and Omaha North. Our mornings at Fort Omaha will be core classes (Science, Social Studies, Math, English), our electives will be offered in the afternoon. Some electives will be online only. So, it is possible that a student would not be at Fort Omaha for the whole time.

3. What is the start time for the day/end time for attending courses?  

The student reporting time is: 8:30-3:40. But this depends on how many and which courses he takes.

4. Are these times flexible?  Will the schedule change at the end of the semester?

We don't anticipate that the times will change at the end of the semester unless we encounter issues/concerns with Metropolitan Community College.

5. Does OVS follow OPS’s  schedule for vacations/breaks/in-service days?

Yes, we follow OPS schedule/calendar and mirror Omaha North's A day/B day schedule.

6.What courses are completely online and which are in person?  Do the online classes have a “live” instructor or are these courses already structured or built out? 

All core classes are in person (English, Science, Social Studies, Math) and we have some electives that will be all online (students will have live lessons on the day they don't attend at Metro). All courses are taught and facilitated by our teachers, but students have access to all content to work ahead and/or at their pace. We set quarterly goals to ensure students are progressing.

7. Do we have to file for exemption status through the State of Nebraska indicating that we are home schooling? 

All students who live in OPS district need to register for exempt home school status as dual enrolled with OVS for the courses they take at OVS. Health is the course that the home school will teach, amongst any other course work taken outside of OVS.

8. Will the OVS High School Diploma be issued through the Nebraska Department of Education?

We are a program, not a school. Students will receive a diploma through our program, but the school on the diploma will be Omaha North (that is our partner school).

9. What are the next steps in the enrollment process?  Is there a deadline and a maximum number of students you will accept for the 2017-2018 school year for 9th grade?

We do have a capacity of about 50 students, mostly because of physical space at MCC. Your next steps would be to start the enrollment process and you can do so by clicking here: http://www.ovs.k12.com/how-enroll.html

Please know that a K12.com representative will reach out to you once you start the process. At this point, the deadline for registration is July 30th. We may extend that if we don't meet capacity.

10. When can I drop off and pick my student up? Can they be dropped of early or stay late?

The Metropolitan Community College building opens at 7:30, so they could come into the building at that time. Students would NOT be supervised by a staff member until 8:15am as that is when our teachers report. Also, the teacher's end their day at 4:05, so students would be unsupervised after that time. There is a cafeteria area on the 1st floor that has a bunch of tables and in the hallway by our classrooms on the 2nd floor there is some "soft seating" where students can work until teachers arrive. Please know the Metro has their own police force on campus and has an office in our building.

11. Would my student's credits transfer from Penn Foster if my student wanted to enroll in OVS?

Unfortunately, Penn Foster is not a recognized accredited program through the State of Nebraska. High school credits would not be applied in OPS for classes completed through the Penn Foster program.