Enrollment FAQs

Who is eligible to attend Omaha Virtual School?

Nebraska students who are in grades K–11 for the 2019-2020 school year and who are able to physically attend the in-person enrichment time at our facility as specified for their grade level are eligible. Face-to-face sessions will be held once per week for 3 hours for K-8 and 4 hours for 9th-11th grade, at the Omaha Teacher Administrative Center at 3215 Cuming Street, 4th floor.

District/State Policy on Kindergarten Admission: The school board of any school district shall not admit any child into the kindergarten of any school of such school district unless such child has reached the age of five years on or before July 31 of the calendar year in which the school year for which the child is seeking admission begins

What does it cost to attend Omaha Virtual School?

A committed, actively involved parent/learning coach

OVS is a unique program that requires strong support from the parent who is the identified learning coach. The learning coach must be committed to working with the student daily. The following is the expectation of a learning coach by grade level.

  • K-2 students require a learning coach to sit by and work with the student on their online and offline learning activities.
  • 3rd-5th grade students require the learning coach to work with the student daily, but if the student is an independent reader, he/she may be able to navigate through lessons independently. Lesson assessments, projects, etc. require learning coach’s engagement.
  • 6th-11th grade students require a learning coach to monitor the student progress in the courses, daily. Ensure that assignments, projects, and assessments are completed and turned in. Learning coaches need to be aware of the course pacing guides and keep students on track on pace to complete coursework for each semester.Where can I get immunization records for my student?

A motivated, engaged learner

Learners at OVS are expected to engage with their peers and teachers during class time at school and at home. Students should be working at least 6 hours a day on school work and actively engage with their teachers and parents if they encounter difficulties or have questions.

 What is the enrollment process for a potential OVS student?

To enroll your student in OVS, please refer to our how to enroll page. During this process the student and parent/guardian need to complete the first page of the Omaha Virtual School application.  The family will bring the application to the student’s counselor or school administrator familiar with the student. The school must fill out the rest of the application. Once the second and third page, the form needs to be signed by a building administrator and sent to the student placement office, attention Sara Peters. The student must continue attending school at their current school until they have completed the application process and their application has been reviewed. OVS or student placement will communicate with the family if they are accepted into the program.

What determines a student's acceptance into OVS?

Omaha Public School’s student placement office will review student’s application for transfer students. Input from the student’s current school counselor is a requirement on the student application. High parent involvement, student attendance, are amongst some of the factors that are reviewed at this time. Another consideration is that OVS does not have a nurse, dean/behavior support, or counselor on site.

What does a high school student need to be eligible for this program?

Since we do not offer credit recovery, a high school student must be credit sufficient to enter our program. A 10th grade enrolling in fall must have earned 13 credits from 9th grade, or 19 credits earned for second semester enrollment. 11th grade students enrolling in the fall must have at least 25 credits earned. These credits must be from an accredited program.

Where is the program located?

Beginning in Fall 2019, our K-11th grade program will be located on the 4th floor of the Omaha Public Schools Teacher Administrative Center at 3215 Cuming Street.

Who is responsible for the transportation of students to the school?

The parent/guardian is responsible for transporting the child to the school.

When are classes held at Omaha Virtual School?

K-8th grade students are required to attend class once/week for 3 hours. 9th-11th grade meet once/week for 4 hours.

Does a student need to be registered for Home School Exempt Status with the state?

Students only need to register for exemption status with the state ONLY if they are part-time students who are taking courses at home AND courses through OVS.

Does a student only have to do school work on the days they are at school?

All learners must be engaged in 30 hours of coursework per week. These hours are a combination on face-to-face, online engagement, and offline engagement (reading, projects, etc.) These attendance hours are reported to the state. They are expected to complete a lesson per day, per course, if not more. Additionally, there are live, online lessons taught weekly that students must participate in. We monitor student engagement online and have pacing guides to help students stay on track to complete courses within the designated time frame (semester-long courses for 6th-11th grade, and year-long courses for K-5th grade).

 Does the computer do all the teaching? What is the parent’s role?

The computer does NOT do all the teaching in our environment. The parent’s role is one that we refer to as a learning coach. The parent is responsible for ensuring that the student is engaging in school at home by providing a schedule, expectations, quiet learning environment, and most importantly monitoring student progress. The parent MUST be in regular communication with the teachers to help support the student. In the K-5 environment, the learning coach role is more hands-on, but is equally important in the 6th-11th grade learning environment. The learning coach must be organized and be able to work with the student when he/she is engaged in learning.

What special education services does Omaha Virtual School provide?

OVS offers online, level 1 services (no more than 3 hours/week).